Rohib, S.T., M.S.

Teknik Material & Metalurgi

  • S1 Teknik Metalurgi dan Material Universitas Indonesia
  • S2 Materials Science and Engineering Yeungnam Universityi
  • Alloy casting
  • Polymer composite
  • Metallurgy Extraction
  • Alloy development process
  • Lighweight Material
  • Collaboration program Yeungnam University with KT Roll company, South Korea, 2014 - 2-16: Increasing Mechanical Properties of High Speed Steel (HSS) Roll with Refinement Agent Addition and Heat Treatment Process
  • Yeungnam University Reseach development program, South Korea, 2015: The Design for Increasing Toughness of Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Polypropylene Composite
  • Collaboration program Yeungnam University with KOS Wire company, Effect of Retained Austenite in the Forming of Free Gap of Piston Ring Application