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        The Kalimantan Institute of Technology Technology Business Incubator (IBT – ITK) is the first IBT in East Kalimantan. There are no universities in East Kalimantan that already have IBT.  At the beginning of its establishment year, namely 2019, IBT – ITK passed the funding selection for the establishment of IBT from the Directorate of Science and Technology Areas and Other Institutions, Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). As a nascent IBT, the program is very beneficial for the IBT – ITK institution. In the year of its establishment through the program, there were several activities that were carried out, including the completion of a feasibility study on the establishment of IBT - ITK and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the IBT Concept with ITK internal stakeholders ranging from ITK leaders, lecturers and ITK students. In addition, in the year of its establishment, the managers of IBT – ITK had the opportunity to take part in training for technology business incubator managers using invoDev – World Bank Training Material, workshop on preparation of business model canvas and business plan IBT – ITK. IBT – ITK also carries out socialization and Recruitment of IBT Tenants – ITK. In the recruitment of tenants in the first year of the establishment of IBT – ITK netted three in-wall tenants and four outwall tenants. IBT in-wall tenants – ITK gets tenant room facilities on the ITK campus, precisely in Building E, 1st floor. Last year IBT – ITK also held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with itk external stakeholders which was attended by various local government agencies in East Kalimantan, financial institutions, companies and entrepreneurial communities and mass media as an effort by IBT – ITK to build a network of cooperation of related stakeholders in growing and developing technology-based startups.


    The Kalimantan Institute of Technology Technology Business Incubator (IBT – ITK) has a vision of "Becoming Kalimantan's leading food technology business incubator center that plays an active role in encouraging the improvement of technology-based start-up companies in 2024".



        In order to achieve the vision mentioned above, the mission of IBT – ITK is as follows:

  1. Developing the commercialization potential of higher education research.
  2. Increasing startups in the food sector in Kalimantan with technology that is the result of innovation from research.
  3. Develop a network of cooperation of relevant stakeholders in growing and developing technology-based startup companies.


       This objective is prepared based on the results of identifying the potential and problems that will be faced in order to realize the vision and carry out the mission of IBT – ITK. Therefore the strategic objectives of IBT – ITK are as follows:

  1. Development of food startups so that they have good quality local and national markets.
  2. Improving the economy of East Kalimantan in particular and Kalimantan in general with the growth of growing startups.


        The target group targets the target group of the group targeted by IBT – ITK activities, both because IBT – ITK has an interest in that audience, and because the audience is the main object whose behavior can benefit or harm the team. In IBT – ITK activities, goals are important to determine because:

  1. Directly related to the management and process of incubation. If the intended audience is too broadly considered from the scale of the place, demographics, and psychography, then the management and incubation process cannot be carried out appropriately on the intended audience.
  2. Success towards the goal. The objectives of the IBT – ITK activities must be in accordance with the target group target
  3. Scheduling of activities.
  4. Ease of improvement of IBT – ITK activities. When IBT – ITK activities are difficult to improve the benchmark success rate, success/failure becomes erratic.

In targeting, usually an organization makes efforts to sort out the market by researching the type of consumer independently. Feedback from the delivery of IBT – ITK activities provided by IBT – ITK to be used as a basis for use in assessing how the character of consumers who are distinguished by place, demographics, and psychography in responding to the implementation of activities.

After an overview is obtained, then it is carried out:

  1. Determination of the most appropriate group goals;
  2. Determining the priority scale;
  3. Choosing the field of business and technology used that is the most suitable;
  4. Prepare the entire process of determining against the target group of targets.

So that IBT – ITK determines the target group for prospective tenants as follows:

  1. The age of tenants is preferably a maximum of 35 years.
  2. A technology-based novice entrepreneur in the food sector who is an ITK final year student, ITK alumni and alumni from universities in East Kalimantan.
  3. Research that has a high commercialization value and is in the process of developing to adjust market needs.
  4. Prospective tenants are technologically ready and at least already have results in the form of prototypes.
  5. Market potential of local and regional products.
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