Balikpapan – The Kalimantan Institute of Technology, which is a state university in East Kalimantan in supporting lecture activities for students, opens up opportunities related to scholarships. The government through the Puslapdik of the Ministry of Education and Culture continues to be committed to opening access to higher education as widely as possible for all students in Indonesia with the existence of KIP-Kuliah scholarships. The Kalimantan Institute of Technology itself opens scholarship opportunities in several majors including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Engineering, Shipping Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, and Information Systems.

Check out the terms and procedures as follows:

1. High school, vocational, or equivalent students who will graduate in the current year (2022) or graduate 2 years earlier (2020 and 2021)
2. Pass the selection of new student admissions through all college entrance channels and be accepted at PTN or PTS in an accredited study program
3. Have good academic potential but have economic limitations supported by valid document evidence. Economic limitations are evidenced by, among others, by:
– Smart Indonesia Card Ownership (KIP)
– Families participating in the Family Hope Program (PKH)
– Families holding Prosperous Family Cards (PSC)
– Is a student of a social care institution or orphanage, or
– Meet the requirements of being economically incapable according to the provisions with valid documents
4. Kip Kuliah recipients may not receive tuition assistance or other scholarships sourced from the State Budget or other private sector that finances the same component.

Stages of Kip College Registration:

  1. Students can directly register independently on the KIP Kuliah System web on the page or through the KIP Kuliah mobile apps*;
  2. At the time of registration, the student enters a valid and active NIK, NISN, NPSN and email address;
  3. The Kip Kuliah system will then validate the NIK, NISN and NPSN as well as the eligibility to get a Lecture KIP**;
  4. If the validation process is successful, the Kip Kuliah System will then send the Registration Number and Access Code to the registered email address;
  5. Students complete the KIP Kuliah registration process and choose the selection path to be followed (SNMPTN / SBMPTN / SMPN / UMPN / Mandiri);
  6. Furthermore, students complete the registration process on the portal or information system of the national selection to enter the college according to the selected selection path.  The synchronization process with those systems will be done later with a host-to-host scheme. 
  7. For prospective KIP Kuliah recipients who have been declared accepted at the University, further verification can be carried out by the College before being proposed as prospective students receiving KIP Kuliah.

* immediately available on Google Play Store
** NIK is used to obtain information about socioeconomics in the Integrated Social Inequality Data (DTKS) of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Students who are not/have not been enrolled in DTKS must complete economic and asset data.

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Public Relations of Kalimantan Institute of Technology

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