Balikpapan – Monday, August 12, 2019 ITK welcomes New Students in 2019 by organizing Gathering, Introduction, and Information (SPIn-ITK) and Education about Student Action (ETAM). The event was lively and was attended by 2019 New Students, ITK Leaders, resource persons, and unit leaders within the Kalimantan Institute of Technology.

The event was opened with remarks by the Rector of ITK, Prof. Ir. Budi Santosa, Ph.D who introduced the current condition of ITK exsisting "THIS YEAR ITK received 980 students from 3 Admission Paths: SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and Mandiri in 14 Study Programs. With a total of 3,073 students". Prof. Budi then gave a sneak peek about ITK's future plans "ITK next year will open 11 Study Programs spread across 5 Departments including Business Management, Actuarial, Data Science, Statistics, Food Technology, Occupational Health and Safety (K3), Geomatics Engineering, Geological Engineering and so on". In addition, ITK is also in the construction stage of the Lecture Building with 45 additional classes which are projected to be completed this year, thus adding facilities that can be enjoyed by students. ITK will also build a Laboratory for the benefit of students and research of ITK Lecturers through State Sharia Securities.

"sticking to the Javanese proverb jer basuki mawa beya, everything needs money, so ITK will strive for our common interests. ITK has been accredited by Institute B which is very proud as the only State Institute of Technology in the Eastern Region. Next I wish you a happy date at ITK, SPECTA!" Prof. Budi said further.

The event was continued with the ITK new student admission symbolically by the ITK Rector who put on the alma mater and name tags to 2 new students of the class of 2019. ITK accepts 980 students spread across 14 study programs with details:

No.Departments / Study ProgramsTotal Re-enlistment
1Department of Mathematics and Information Technology
2Information System92
2Department of Food and Maritime Technology Science
2Shipping Engineering68
3Ocean Engineering41
3Department of Industrial and Process Technology 
1Mechanical Engineering86
2Electrical Engineering89
3Chemical Engineering83
4Industrial Engineering84
4Department of Civil Engineering and Planning
1Civil Engineering85
2Urban and Regional Planning87
5Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
1Materials and Metallurgical Engineering62
2Environmental Engineering69

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