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Study Program Description

Studying the process of architectural design, ranging from simple buildings, public buildings, mid-rise buildings, high-rise buildings to monumental buildings. In addition, other competencies learned by architecture students are aesthetics in architecture, aspects of comfort for space users, building structures and construction, building systems and technology, indoor and outer space planning, regional design, project management, to visual presentation skills.

The curriculum of the ITK Architecture Study Program has a focus on the study of architectural ecology, that way, graduates are prepared to have sensitivity to the ecosystem of the built environment. The ITK Architecture Study Program also prepares pre-professional graduates who are competent in the use of technology and produce designs that prioritize the principles of sustainable building

Graduation Prospects

  • Architect
  • Contractor
  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Architecture Policymakers
  • Landscape Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Urban Designers
  • Researchers and Academics


To become a Study Program that excels in the field of architectural planning and design through empowering local potential to support sustainable national development by 2035.


  1. Organizing higher education activities in the field of architecture by utilizing technology to produce skilled, adaptive and innovative graduates
  2. Develop research and science in the field of architecture and built environment that is contextual, ecologically based, and focuses on solving problems in society

Play an active role in community service activities in the field of architecture and build cooperation in developing regional potential to improve the quality of the built environment

Lecturers and Educators

Denny Huldiansyah, S.T., M.Arch.

NIPH. 100320237

Ivan Adiel Abednego, S.Ars., M.Ars.

NIPH. 100320238

Muhammad Yogi Raditya, ST., M.Eng

NIP. 198810032020121001

Nadia Almira Jordan, S.T., M.T.

Nip. 199101132019032019

Tiara Rukmaya Dewi, S.T., M.Sc

NIPH. 100119193

Sherlia, S.T., M.Eng.

NIP. 198801312020122003

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