What is a Whistle Blowing System (WBS) ?

Whistle Blowing System (WBS) is a system created to follow up on deviations in violations of laws and regulations, codes of ethics, KKN, and policies within the Kalimantan Institute of Technology.

Indications of violations that can be reported through the WBS

  1. The existence of corruption
  2. Gratification or bribery (Receiving gifts or gifts for services rendered).
  3. There is a violation of the Applicable Law.
  4. The existence of academic fraud (Plagiarim Activities)
  5. Committing certain crimes (fraud, theft, violent acts etc.)
  6. Forgery of documents (Diploma, forgery of grades, etc.)
  7. Involvement of lecturers/staff/students in prohibited activities, for example.

Elements of Whistle Blowing System

Complaints will be easy to follow up if they meet the following elements:

What : Acts indicating known violations

Where : Where the deed is done

When : When the deed is done

Who : Anyone involved in the act

How : How the act is done (mode, method, etc.)

Whistleblower Confidentiality Guarantee

The whistleblower's personal identity will be kept secret by ITK, because it will only focus on the information you report.

To maintain confidentiality, pay attention to the following:

  • If the whistleblower wants the identity to remain confidential, do not disclose / fill in personal data, such as the name or relationship of relatives with the perpetrators.
  • Do not disclose / fill in data / information that allows for others to do tracking.
  • Avoid others knowing your registration number.

Operational Standards and Complaints Service Form

The reporter can choose the services:

  1. Pungli and Gratification Complaints
  2. Complaints of Abuse of Authority
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