Bangkit Gotama, S.T., M.T.

Teknik Kimia

  • S1 Teknik Kimia Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
  • S2 Teknik Kimia Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
  • Green Separation Engineering
  • Essential Oil and Derivatives
  • Microwave and Ultrasound Assisted Extraction
  • Natural Product and Essential Oil Extraction
  • Crystallization Organic Compounds
  • Gotama, B. and Mahfud (2015), “Influence of Seeding Technique on Crystal Yield of Patchouli Alcohol Crystallization from Patchouli Oil”, Seminar Nasional Teknologi (SENATEK), Malang, January 17th 2015.
  • Gotama, B. and Mahfud (2014), “Study on Increasing The Value Added of Patchouli Oil”, Seminar Nasional Kimia dan Pendidikan Kimia (SN-KPK) VI, Surakarta, June 21st 2014.
  • Gotama, B., Wijilestari, Y.P., Bhuana, D.S., Mahfud (2011), “Improving The Quality Patchouli Oil Using Steam-Hydro Distillation On Pilot Scale”, Seminar Nasional Kimia, Surakarta, October 8th 2011.
  • Extraction Kaffir Lime Leaf Oil using Microwave Assisted Extraction (MAE) and Ultrasound following Microwave Assisted Extraction (US-MAE) (2016 – now)
  • Isolation Bromelain from Pineapple Peel using Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (2016)
  • Isolation Pectin from Dragon Fruit Peel using Microwave Assisted Extraction (2016)
  • Extraction White Pepper Oleoresin using Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction (2016)
  • Crystallization Patchouli Alcohol from Patchouli Oil using Cooling Crystallization Method. Master Degree Thesis 2012 – 2015
  • Improving The Quality Patchouli Oil Using Steam-Hydro Distillation On Pilot Scale. Final Project Bachelor Degree 2010/2011
  • Engineering Staff in PT Panasonic Eco Solution Lighting Indonesia (PESLID), October 2011 – April 2012
  • Practical Work at PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (Pupuk Kaltim), July – August 2010 with Final Project : Evaluation Performance Absorber Unit CO2 Removal Ammonia Kaltim-1 PT Pupuk Kaltim using Aspen Plus Simulation