WORLD CLASS PROFESSOR 2023 “Photocatalytic conversion of CO2:

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CO2 conversion is a promising approach for accomplishing two objectives: using the single strategy of CO2 reduction to value-added chemicals and solar fuels to mitigate global warming and meeting the growing energy demands.
We proudly present Guest Lecturer Series as part of World Class Professor Program 2023 as below Agenda:

Date : Saturday, 19 August 2023
Time: 08.30-12.00 (Jakarta, Western Indonesia Time)
Platform Zoom

Meeting ID : 933 7104 8993
Password   : 287961

Topic Guest Lecturer  :
Photocatalytic conversion of CO2: Current State of the Art, Challenges, and Future Perspectives

Registration Link :

🔹 Prof. Hisao Yoshida, Division of Materials Science, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University.
🔹 Prof. Muhammad Tahir, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, College of Engineering, United Arab Emirates University, UAE.
🔹 Hairus Abdullah, Ph.D. Department of Material Science and Engineering. National Taiwan University ofScience and Technology (NTUST).

🔹Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 into Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels: State-of-the-Art Accomplishment, Challenges, and Prospects.
🔹Advances and challenges in developing cocatalysts for photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fuels.
🔹Technologies of CO2 Reduction to Fuels in the Background of “Carbon Neutrality”: Current Status, Analytic Comparison and Future Prospect.


  1. E-Certificate
  2. Knowledge
  3. Discussion and sharing of Energy Research
  4. Networking

Contact Person:
Asful Hariyadi
Cp: +62 813-4754-9373
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